For most people, the weather is something that is outside their control.  Not for some Native America tribes.

To invoke the rain, the tribesmen embark on a ritual called the ‘Rain Dance‘.  They say that the rain dance has 100% probability of success


Because they dance until it rains. They don’t stop dancing unless it starts raining. 

Far too often, a property is actively promoted until a newer or better listing comes along.  This can result in properties with good sales potential sitting on the market much longer than they should just because they’re not getting the exposure they need.

JML Property challenge this model through our Rain Dance marketing campaigns.  At any given time, we select one Rain Dance Property and actively promote it UNTIL. IT. SELLS.

We focus the creativity, attention and marketing dollars to make sure that this single property gets the exposure that it deserves and ultimately sells.

The Rain Dance Property benefits from:

  • Recurrently featured in the local English language newspaper
  • Recurrently featured in targeted email newsletters
  • Special focus on all social media channels
  • Creative campaigns such as video, direct mail among others


To be eligible for the rain dance program, your property must be;

  • Reasonably priced – and fit for market
  • Accessible – Easily accessible by JML Property to conduct viewing
  • In good condition – Currently in saleable condition and can be photographed
  • Not listed with other agencies – Exclusively listed with JML Property

To apply for your property to be selected as the Rain Dance Property, please send your contact details below and we will follow up with you.  If there is already a designated Rain Dance Property, your property will be put on stand-by and listed as a regular property until the current Rain Dance Property is sold.

If there are any questions, please contact

JML Property