Can foreigners own property in Portugal ?

In a word, YES. You may be interested in the Golden Visa Program or want to enjoy a simple life in the countryside. Either way, Portugal has a huge amount to offer and you can find your slice of heaven, whatever that may be.

Where are the Best areas to buy ?

There is plenty of choice in Portugal. The cities of Porto in the North and Lisbon in the center have some fantastic offerings but they are far from alone. The question is; What are you looking for ?


Are You Looking for a home or for a rental property ?

If you are looking for a home the priority may be proximity to schools, distance from family or design preference. However, looking for an investment means looking for the highest possible total return on your investment.


What are rental yields and costs ?

Yields are generally between 3% – 7% whilst rental income tax is between 28% (Going down to 25% for longer term contracts)

City or Beach ?

Lisbon (The City)

Lisbon has blossomed on the past four or five years into the cosmopolitan city that we see today. The climate is warm in the summer and cool in the winter, it is served by an excellent railway system, a large airport and a comprehensive road network.

Live here if:

  • You are doing business
  • You have a thirst for culture
  • You are a regular traveller by air


The Algarve (The Beach)

The Algarve is of course famous for its beaches and golf courses, and its an amazing place to live the whole year round. If you are a sailor, a golfer or a swimmer, you are in paradise. The Algarve gets busy during the month of August with local holidaymmakers, and the rest of the year you will find visitors from around the world.

Live here if:

  • You like sailing
  • You love the beach
  • You prefer your sky blue
  • You have friends here
Who Can Look After My Property If I’m Overseas ?

There are experienced management companies who take care of the property and administration and we are happy to make the introductions for you.