I have used Juliet and her team at JML Property since I first purchased my unit in Macau in 2006.   Juliet and her team are always courteous, professional and efficient.  They provide an important service for both owners and tenants alike.  Their success lies in looking after both parties needs while simultaneously keeping everyone content.   It is a wonderful service she provides and she does so like no other.

– SM



“Thanks for your help regarding our move out of Nova Taipa Gardens, I trust everything was satisfactory. I would also like thank Juliet for all her help over the past 2 years, all the JML staff have made renting in Macau a pleasure.”

– Kelly M, Macau



I have been using JML Macau service since 2003 from property buying, selling , rental as a landlord and as a tenant to home renovation / decoration. Juliet and her colleagues’ efficient property management and unparalleled personalized service have eased my landlord life tremendously and such benefit was most appreciated during my work posted out of Macau for a couple of years, I truly enjoyed JML’s service in turning out modern-class designer-decor apartments at a reasonable price and Juliet has become a dear consultant, partner and friend.”

– Elizabete F, Macau



“Thank you for providing us with a smooth transition for our recent move to one of your managed apartments. It is refreshing to deal with such a professional company who is aware of our needs and is always happy to assist us when required. We love the information pack and directory! You know we have recommended you to other clients and we will keep doing so.”

– Jenny & Michael L, Macau



” … the friendliest, most relaxed, and helpful Agency one could imagine. Excellent personal service … “

– David B, Hong Kong



“I am writing to commend you on the service offered by your agency and to thank you for helping me find a great flat to live in Macau. After living in Hong Kong for a year it was necessary for me to move to Macau for work. JML was recommended by a friend as well as many work colleagues you had successfully helped find a place to live. One of the most difficult things I found with other agencies was trying to communicate my needs and also finding the address for prospective properties. You made the process very easy by chauffeuring me to properties, giving me a tour of Macau’s attractions, supermarkets and other amenities with a coffee stop thrown in! You also took note of my budget and what type of flat I wanted and were able to show me a range of properties, all of which were suitable. I had not found this with other agents and seemed to be wasting a lot of energy running around looking at properties I did not want to live in. Thank you again for the great service you provided. It is truly unique to Macau!”

– Shannon P, Macau



“The entire process from market assessment to property acquisition to ongoing property management services with the team at JML has been fantastic. As a non-resident and English only speaker, I sincerely appreciated the time Juliet and her team spent walking me through every step of this process. In particular, Juliet’s focus on yield, renovation and her connections with potential lessees create a great deal of value for clients . Even when the market was strong, I was able to find good property with good return. Equally as important, ongoing ownership has been entirely hassle free. I would not hesitate to recommend JML to anyone.”

– Tim M, Hawaii



“I first visited Macau in 2007 for the purpose of investing in property. At the time I met with numerous agents and frankly found many to be less than honorable and I was not comfortable investing money with them. However, in stark contrast one of the agents I met was Juliet Risdon. Her personality was both charming and comforting to an offshore investor. Her significant experience in the Macau market (i think it’s15 years) gave me a great sense of permanence and stability. Juliet is exceptionally knowledgeable about the real estate market and Macau, both her and all her staff have been exceptionally friendly and professional throughout all my business dealings. I have also since heard independently of her stellar reputation in Macau. I have no hesitation in recommending Juliet Risdon and JML Macau. Especially in these difficult economic times it is important to have trustworthy business contacts and I count Juliet as one of these few people.”

– Jean-Claude B, Sydney, Australia



“I must have been Juliet’s first customer when she set up JML Property and the management business to compliment her existing refurbishment and renovation business. She found good tenants promptly for my two new flats in Kingsville. I then entrusted her to project manage the complete gutting of an older flat which I had purchased a year or two earlier. She transformed it into a smart executive apartment, which rented quickly for nearly 3 times the old rent! With such a reliable partner based in Macau, I decided to buy two more small flats in old blocks. This was with a view to renovating, furnishing and letting them. Juliet accompanied me on the flat-hunting, until we found something we both liked, and then I just left her to it. The end result was two very desirable, well finished and furnished flats which have had no difficulty letting. Nowadays, Juliet has a number of people helping with all aspects of the business and my 5 flats in Macau, together with their tenants, are well looked after by a friendly and professional team.”

– Michael B, Dubai



“I have been very impressed with your fast and efficient service that goes well beyond what one would expect from a company managing one’s apartment in Macau and would surely recommend JML to friends and acquaintances owning a property in Macau”.

– Pieter L B, Macau



JML are a very professional team of experts in the local market. Within just one or two months since I have transferred two apartments to them, they were able to rent out the apartments at rates in line with the market during difficult market circumstances. They handled the transfer of the management from the previous manager in an orderly and professional manner. Their good relationships with the market and also our previous manager certainly helped a lot there.

– Pieter O, Hong Kong



May I also take this opportunity to say thank you to all the team there at JML. I have found everyone incredibly professional, helpful, honest and genuinely pleasant to be around in this whole moving process. Keith, Kathy, yourself, and Alvin are absolutely fantastic and are a genuine credit to the team and if there are others that I have not yet met I am sure they are also incredible key members. Please accept my deepest gratitude to everyone there.

– Andrew W, Tenant



Dear Juliet, I hope this email finds you doing great. I wanted to take a quick moment to reach out and say thank you for everything you the JML team has done for Dragone Macau over the past months to help our staff settle in. I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the amount of technicians who have come to me with the sincerest comments of gratitude for the organization and ease of their transition. Much of this is thanks to you … you made my team look great! Thanks again for everything.

– Jessica B, Macau



I just wanted to thank you for the support your company has been showing. Despite the early glitches, it has been good to work with you and your team. No company is perfect, the difference lies in how you handle mistakes; and your company has proven to do that in the most professional manner.

– Jeremy A, Hong Kong & Macau




“They have shown efficient team work in providing responsive services. Their all-round management service is the most valuable to us as non-residents in Macau. We know that we can rely on them.”

– Gigi C, Hong Kong



I would like to send a huge “thank you” to the entire team at JML Property. I recently sold a property in Macau that JML Property helped me acquire, lease to quality tenants, and then sell. The financial return was spectacular and much of that is attributable to local knowledge of the market. Additionally, I was exceptionally impressed by the efficiency of the JML Property team as property managers. I received efficient and complete statements every month and the website allowed me to run custom reports to prepare my United States taxes. I also never had to wait more than a few hours for a response to any question. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, over 6 years, there were only a couple of weeks when the unit was not rented at market rates. For someone who lives 5,000 miles away and speaks neither Portugese or Cantonese, the entire process was uncharted territory for me; however, the team at JML ably assisted at each stage and gave me a great deal of confidence. I would highly recommend their services for any real estate transactions in Macau – exceptional service all around!

– Tim M, Hawaii



Hi Keith, I just wanted to let you know that we had a referral from J & G (names withheld for privacy) and, to tell you the truth, at first I was rather disappointed that one of your “staff” would be handling our apartment search… but that changed very quickly as I learned that Jenny Qin is EXCEPTIONAL! As you may know; she is very professional but her “Customer Service”, in this town, is OUTSTANDING and I know about Customer Service coming from the USA. I was really pleased to be working with such a TOP REAL ESTATE AGENT in Macau. Jenny really made me feel that although she understood the owner’s market that we were in her best interest & that she wanted us to find a home that we could be happy in! Although we never “discussed it” I imagine that she really deserves a raise – every GOOD employee does ;)… at the very least she deserves a cup of coffee to discuss her potential growth under your supervision once she returns from vacation! Either way; Thanks for sharing Jenny with us!

– Jessica K, Macau



JML managed my rental property for 4 years and have just negotiated its sale. I could not have asked for a more professional and efficient service, which was always accompanied by a genuine personal touch. The whole process, even the sale, was hassle free thanks to Juliet and her dedicated team.

– Neil B, Macau



Being in contact with JML before our arrival in Macau gave us the opportunity to be efficient in our search for a new place to live in Macau. Thanks again to JML for their great support and welcoming us into Macau’s life!

– David & Ariane, Macau



I am extremely happy with JML, they are the best real estate team in Macau, very reliable and efficient indeed. They took less than 2 weeks to sell my property, meanwhile, they took the initiative to solve my problems with my tenant. I do appreciate very much with their great effort. Melanie, that is from the bottom of my heart.

– Rina Tay, Macau