The Portuguese Golden Visa Program (ARI – Residence Permit for Investors) is an
option for foreign investors who wish to obtain a residence permit that allows the
exemption of a visa to enter in Portugal. Besides the authorization to live and work in
Portugal, with a minimum stay of only 7 days per year, the investor can also travel visa-
free within the Schengen Area (26 European countries). Moreover, the visa is
extendable to family members, under reunification purposes, and after 6 years the
investor may apply for permanent residence and/or for Portuguese citizenship provided
all other requirements set out by the Nationality Act are fulfilled. For more information
on the ARI/Golden Visa Residence Permit please click here.

The most common option to apply for a Golden Visa is through Real Estate property
purchasing. In broad terms, the main steps for a Golden Visa application are:

  1. Choose the type of investment
  2. Open a bank account and apply for a Portuguese TIN number
  3. Transfer the funds to an account in Portugal and purchase the property
  4. Apply for the Golden Visa and receive SEF pre-validation
  5. Schedule an appointment with SEF to collect biometric data
  6. Receive the final approval

Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU), in liaison with our parent company Caixa Geral de
Depósitos (CGD) can provide you with the banking assistance for the Golden Visa.
This assistance consists of collecting and sending the documentation for account
opening in Portugal, support with the international transfer of funds and assist in
liaising with CGD to subscribe the mandatory health insurance and the banking
declaration attesting the and ownership of the assets.

In case the investor wishes to buy a property, with a value that surpasses the required
amount for the application and do not want to use his/her own funds, BNU can finance
the outstanding amount of the property.

BNU strongly recommends that investors seek professional legal advice, to guarantee
that the requirements of each specific case are properly addressed.

Should you wish to obtain more information on this subject or other BNU’s products
and services, please contact us at 2833 5533 or

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