To buy a house is always a major decision. If the property is overseas, it can seem even a bigger one. That is why you should always choose the best partners to guide you all the steps of the way. From the identification of the ideal property to the financial aspects of the investment, BNU is the right financial partner if you wish to invest in real estate. 

It is the only bank in Macau to finance the purchase of properties in Portugal, whether residential or commercial, for private use, lease or investment. One of BNU’s main advantages over other banks in Macau is its close relationship with Portugal, through CGD Group, its parent company. In Macau since 1902, BNU has an extensive knowledge and expertise on both Macanese and Portuguese markets, providing a comprehensive scope of solutions so you can make the most of your investment with the utmost confidence. 

If you are planning to invest in Portugal, BNU’s mortgage loan is the best solution in the market. The current interest rates assures that you will have the best return on your investment. Besides, a mortgage loan provides the security of having the funds readily available to meet your commitments towards the seller and also to negotiate a better deal for yourself. Moreover, with BNU you can choose in which currency you want to repay the loan, thus mitigating the exchange rate risks. As collateral for the loan, BNU accepts the mortgage on the property, but does not preclude the evaluation of other collaterals, depending on your specific situation. Should you wish to obtain more information on BNU’s Housing Loan in Portugal, please contact us: 2833 5533 or

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