Regardless of what the reason may be, selling your own home can be an emotional process for many. It’s hard to reconcile the sentimental value of your own home from its market value as a property, which might or might not be as high as you would like. One way to channel your sentimental emotions and close this discrepancy is to take simple steps to add value to the property and increase its value in the marketplace. Below are some simple strategies.


One of the best and easiest ways of making your apartment aesthetically appealing is to repaint its walls. It’s simple, cost effective and if done properly it can give the impression of newness in the eyes of potential buyers and tenants. Choosing the right color is very crucial since colors have the power to set the mood in your home. Colors such as red tend to increase excitement, while light blue tends to help one focus. When it comes to choosing a color for potential buyers and tenants its safer to go with neutral colors such as beige and gray, since they both reflect light well and leave the buyer with the possibility of repainting later.


Another important hack to improving your property before the sale is to give it the right ambiance and lighting by simply purchasing and installing the right type of lamps or light bulbs. It is important to consider the interplay and balance between the natural and artificial lighting of the property with the color of your walls and furniture.


Unlike repainting the walls or improving the lighting in the property, changing the flooring can require a heavier capital investment. If you are going to replace the flooring before putting your home on the market, you need to carefully weigh the investment against the added value that it would bring. If the flooring of the property is very old or damaged, another option that sellers often miss is to simply rip out the flooring and leave it up to the potential buyer to install new flooring. Of course, this will have to be reflected in the sales price.

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